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The rapid development of urban space is one of the most significant challenges of the 21st century. Over the last century, urbanized areas have gained a semantic advantage and began to develop intensively. Europe is one of the most urbanized continents. This process verifies the existing strategies and methods of city management. It outlines the new competence profile expected from their future managers. Transformation management becomes a challenge for cities. The implementation of even the most useful technologies and technical solutions requires openness to cooperation and effective leadership. The future of urbanization also means strong links between cities and the surrounding rural areas. Cities depend on resources coming from rural areas.

At RDH Urban, we specialize in preparing, running and implementing urban projects focused on integrated solutions for urban, rural and regional development. As part of international government programs, we are involved in initiatives related to the water sector. Water seen as a stimulant of economic, spatial and social development is an important element of our projects. In our work, we focus on running processes that support building complex projects and social communication. We have been taking action on the integrated development of urban areas in connection with the surrounding rural areas.

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